Kashmir Travel Guide

The northernmost tip of India, Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The Kashmir Valley is rich with culture, history and mesmerizing views. Every year, the Union Territory is flooded by both domestic and international tourists. From lakes to gardens, to mosques, temples, cuisine, local handicraft and the snow, Kashmir offers everything that you can demand. Due to its climatic conditions and breathtaking beauty, it is one of the favourite places for honeymoons. Kashmir tour package for couples is a hot sale especially during the summer months when most of the country suffers from extreme heat. This beautiful getaway is all that you need to be with your spouse and spend some quality time and make memories.

Why Kashmir is called heaven on earth?


1 Betaab Valley

If you are a Bollywood fan, this is the place for you. The valley is named after the 1983 Hindi film Betaab. Thereafter, many famous B-Town hits such as Jab Tak Hain Jaan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and Haider have been shot in the valley.


2 Sanasar

A hidden gem until now, this place will not only enable you to spend a beautiful family picnic in the meadows but also give you the option to tickle the adventure bone in you. You can go paragliding and hop on a hot air balloon.


3 Do's in Kashmir

Always carry your documents. Make sure they are in a water-resistant pack. If you are not a citizen of India and find yourself in a legal situation, the first step is to contact the embassy. Be careful about the cash you are carrying. Don’t keep a lot of cash with you at one time. There are many holy places in the valley. Make sure to open your shoes before entering. Always carry a piece of cloth to cover your head, in case you decide to visit a holy place. (For both men and women) Check your guide’s license before the tour starts. Keep the location of your device on at all times and inform a family member or friend back home about your itinerary.


4 Don't in Kashmir

Don’t involve in political arguments. Avoid getting behind the steering wheel if you are not trained for such terrain. Don’t roam around late at night outside your hotel premises. Don’t consume alcohol outside. Don’t trust strangers with your money or other personal belongings.


5 What is the best time to visit Kashmir for snowfall?

The winter season in Kashmir sets off in the month of October and continues till February. These are the best months to plan your trip to Kashmir if you’re looking for some snowfall. At HoT, we completely understand the thrill and excitement that comes with enjoying snowfall and that is why we promise to deliver the best travel group packages that will give you the best experience with your friends and family.


6 Reasons why Kashmir is Heaven on Earth!

The Kashmir Valley stretches for a total distance of 15,948 sq. km. It was in the 17th Century that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan called Kashmir heaven on Earth. The main reason behind this is the fact that the valley with its great green landscapes and lake resembles the Garden of Eden. There are various folktales that describe the beauty of the Kashmir Valley and draw the similarity between the two. The greenery, the natural flora and the pleasant climate throughout the year make it even more desirable. That is why it is also well suited for travel in groups. It has something for everyone - the poet or artist of the group can sit with the view of the landscape and get the creative juices flowing, the one who is always complaining about the heat can get to relax in the cold, and the food enthusiast will have a hard time selecting what to eat and what not to eat in the valley, the photography enthusiast will look for a shop to buy more reels every day, and the athletic one might just convince the entire group to take the Great lakes trek. At House of Travellers, we understand this and thereby provide Kashmir group tour packages for the hidden desires in each one of you.


7 Who gave the name Kashmir?

The history of Kashmir goes back 5000 years and therefore it is impossible to know who named the land Kashmir. However, the etymological meaning of Kashmir in Sanskrit is “the desiccated land” (ka means ‘water’ and shimeera means ‘desiccation’). This is found in local folklores. The valley of Kashmir was once a huge lake and it is believed in Hindu Mythology that a great sage named Kashyapa (son of Marichi), drained the lake. As the myth goes, Kashyapa cut the hills at Baramulla to drain the lake and thereby Kashmir was created. While this is one of the many existing possible origins of the name Kashmir, it is only by visiting the paradise on Earth that you will get a clear answer to the question. Talking to the locals, visiting places of historical, political and cultural importance and experiencing the valley will you be able to understand what the land is. Opt for our group tour holiday package to Kashmir and be witness to the revelation.


8 Which place is beautiful in Kashmir?

While it is extremely difficult to pinpoint one particular place in Kashmir that is beautiful, here is a list of locations you must definitely visit during your stay -


9 Dal Lake

Situated in the city of Srinagar, a ride in a shikhara on the Dal Lake with your spouse is one of the best parts of our Kashmir honeymoon tour packages. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the lake, you can also go shopping for shawls and Kashmiri handicrafts available in the floating market.


10 Pahalgam

One of the most beautiful places in the whole of Kashmir, Pahalgam is famous for its undying beauty and the chilly weather. It is a small hamlet with loving people and is famous for the adjacent Hindu shrine Amarnath. You can take a trek to visit the holy place.


11 Conclusion

Kashmir is often referred to as a heaven on Earth and rightfully so. It is one of the most gorgeous places with the best possible food, culture and weather. Be it with your spouse or your friends, it will be a trip worth remembering.