About Us

Based out in the city of Nawabs in Lucknow, we are a bunch of travel enthusiasts finding the next best place to travel to. For your insatiable travel dreams, enthralling adventure tours, out-of-the-world experiences, and a lifetime of memories, here’s your one-stop destination for all your dreamy travel plans. We believe in curating and providing the best travel experiences in the world for you. Enjoy and bond over art, music, food, and culture in the beautiful and most breathtaking places in the world. Your dreamy plans, adventure-filled tours, enthralling experiences, we've got it all covered. We are a group of travel connoisseurs ready to flip our soles and get ready to find our souls in this world full of travel adventures.


Competetive Pricing

With 500+ suppliers and the purchasing power of 300 million members

Award Winning Service

Travel worry free knowing that here present we're here if you need us, 24 hours a day

Worldwide Coverage

1,200,000 hotels in more than 200 countries and regions & flights to over 5,000 citites.


Why Us ?

House of Travellers is an integrated travel startup looking to disrupt the tourism industry with its offbeat travel destination itineraries and exemplary services. Founded in the year 2020, HOT is the brainchild of Palak And Kunal. Their love and passion for travel and adventure catapulted their vision to start their journey in the travel industry through this company. HOT germinated from the basic idea of “travel for passion”. We believe in curating the best travel experiences in the country for all age groups looking for great company, unique stories, and enthralling experiences. Travel isn't only about adventure and memories, it’s a lot about enjoying art and music, bonding over food and culture in the beautiful and most breathtaking places in the world. HOT’s vision is to rise above the rest and cater to all the wanderlusts in the country and empower them to begin their travel journeys with us. With evolving technologies, we look to stay on top of the ladder by understanding our consumer demands by helping them come up with the best travel plans to enjoy life like nowhere else.

Like our founder always says, “it’s more about living in the moment than living the moment”, We at HOT believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime not just in pictures but in your hearts too.