Traveler’s Dos and Do Nots

Aloha my fellow travelers, as you start gearing up for your next exploration, here is a few things you’d like to keep in mind. Seeing a new destination and finding yourself be immersed in the culture is an extremely rewarding feeling. But as travelers, it is of utmost priority to know how to handle yourself and keep travel etiquette in check. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that might help you as and when you decide on packing up and escaping.

Solo traveling


1 Do not be under prepared

It is imperative to pack in an organized manner for a trip alone. Always keep a handy first aid kit on yourself. Your choice of anti – inflammatory, bandages, disinfectants, and pain medicine. Along with your prescribed ones, of course.


2 Keep your Documents safe

While traveling with people or alone, keeping your documents in an orderly fashion, possibly in a different pouch/zip lock, what have you. Also, keep scanned copies of your documents saved as back up in case you require it in an emergency.


3 Do not run out of Money

The major facet of a trip is money. Being broke in a different place on a trip can be quite problematic. Everything you do requires money, so keep extra cash in hand is always a safe idea.


4 Never Compromise with your Safety

While you travel in a pack, its rather easy to travel. But as a solo traveler do not compromise on feeling safe. There are going to be times you would have to deal with certain challenges on your own. Always listen to your gut feeling. Do not dismiss the feeling of not being safe over having a good time or in the fear of missing out. Keep a tab on what you’re drinking and the amount. Being intoxicated could lead you to be an easy target for someone to manhandle you.